The Arguing Atheist is an exploration of arguments for the existence of God in a format inspired by those old "choose your own adventure" stories that some of us read as children.

As you progress through the argument, you — in the position of the atheist — will make decisions about how to respond to discussion points you are presented with. Whenever you see a list of possible responses, just click the "Go" link next to the one you prefer and the story will progress.

You may be interested to know that all of the discussion points used on this site — both atheist and theist — are ones I have either used myself or seen used in real discussions. As such, some of them are good, and some of them are bad. Think carefully before using any of them in your own discussions.

The Arguing Atheist is very much a work in progress. At this point it is still in first-draft form, and there are likely typos that need correcting and arguments that need refining or fleshing out. If you find a particularly egregious error, please use the "Contact/Comment" link to let me know about it. I appreciate the help!

Now, on with the argument.