Dinner time is approaching, shadows are growing long. You have spent a lazy Saturday afternoon puttering around the house and have finally settled on the couch with a well-worn copy of something light when the doorbell rings.

This is not a welcome occurrence by any means, but being a decent type, you answer it anyway.

Because your neighborhood is a quiet one, you have left the front door unlocked. There is a click as you turn the doorknob. When you pull the door open, your visitor is revealed.

He is a young man, not more than twenty-five you would guess, in a white dress shirt and black tie. He does not at all fit into your weekend world of relaxation and enjoyment. The man smiles broadly, showing perfectly straight teeth. You harbor hopes that he is an easily-dissuaded insurance salesman until you see the Bible in his hand.

Aaron: Good day, I am Aaron from the First Church of Christ's Witness.

His words match the laminated badge on his breast pocket.

Aaron: I am visiting you this afternoon to bring you some very good news — the news that God's heart is full of love for you!

How do you respond?

  1. I'm sure it is. Go
  2. I don't believe in God. Go