Aaron: Use your imagination for a moment. Picture yourself in the desert. You are surrounded by nothing but bright dunes of sand on all sides, and that sand has been there for thousands upon thousands of years. There has been nothing on that spot but desert since long before the start of recorded history.

Now, picture yourself digging in the sand. Down and down you go, into older and older layers of sand until you reach rock. You continue to dig through the rock until you are standing in a hole almost three feet deep. At the bottom of the hole, imbedded in the rock and untouched for an incredible amount of time, is a pocket watch. It's still ticking.

What would you do?

You: Most likely, I'd sell it.

Aaron: Please be serious for a moment. Wouldn't such an incredible find mean something to you? Wouldn't it prove that some thinking creature had placed the watch there? Surely such a thing could not arise through random processes.

You: I think I can see where you are headed. Are you trying to imply that the world must have been created by some supreme being because it shows the same signs of design that a watch imbedded in ancient rock would?

Aaron: Indeed! What other explanation could there be?

How do you respond?

  1. Working in concert does not imply organization. Go
  2. There cannot be understanding of purpose without an understanding of the original intentions. Go
  3. God himself shows signs of design. Go
  4. Organization is a human concept. Go
  5. There is no natural process for producing watches. Go
  6. Some natural things show signs of design but are not designed. Go
  7. Water always falls down. Does that mean water elves put it there? Go