You: Let me answer your question with a question: We know that rain falls down from the sky — can we infer from this that there are water elves who put water up in the sky in the first place?

Aaron: No, we know how water gets into the clouds.

You: We know that now, but at one time it was a mystery. If our distant ancestors, in their ignorance, had concluded that water elves caused the rain then we might still believe it today. Even if you could find an example of organization in nature that I could not explain, that does not mean that it is unexplainable without invoking God.

Aaron: You might be correct if we were only talking about one or two instances of apparent design, but only God could have caused things to be designed on such a grand scale.

How do you respond?

  1. Fx71 The concept of "cause" implies a designer. Go
  2. Fx72 That only means that there was a God. Go
  3. Fx73 That only means that there was a designing force. Go
  4. Fx74 Why just one? Go