Aaron: Think of the laws of nature. They are perfect in form and function, never wavering, always constant. Gravity on Earth always pulls at 32 feet per second, the speed of light is invariant, levers, pulleys and other machines can be described with simple equations and concepts. Could anything else be more perfect?

The more science looks into these laws, the more order and perfection it finds. Basic particles and forces were once great in number but now are few, because the simple rules behind the universe are being discovered. Could such a wondrous and unlikely simplicity exist without divine guidance? I think not.

Where nature acts on its own there is chaos. Things tend to become disorganized and meaningless, but a the core of all things is a set of simple laws. Only God could have placed such order, such beautiful, mathematical perfection, in total chaos.

How do you respond?

  1. The "mathematical perfection" of natural laws is due to human intervention. Go
  2. The laws of nature are not perfect. Go
  3. Where did God get these laws? Go
  4. The existence of natural "laws" does not imply a lawgiver. Go