You: You have said that the laws of nature are perfect and beautiful and that they were created by God. I wonder, where did God get these laws from?

Aaron: If you are trying to imply that God must have gotten the laws from somewhere and therefore there must be something other than God you will be sorely disappointed. Such an argument is poor at best.

When the Lord created the universe, he used his omniscience to pick the perfect set of laws from all possible sets. Only after much thought did he make the universe as it is today. God needed no outside source to create the laws, for God, in his wisdom, is creator of all things.

You: If the laws of our universe are perfect and if God chose the best possible set of laws, then there was no other set of laws that God could have possibly chosen. This implies that God had no choice but to pick the laws he did. From this we can conclude that even God is governed by some type of law; if he were not so governed then there would be no choice he could not make.

Aaron: How ridiculous! God was not forced to make the universe this way, he chose to. He could have made a horrible universe if he so desired, but there would not have been any purpose in doing so.

You: What you mean is that God would not have made a horrible universe because God is too good to do so. Wouldn't you admit that, in order to be good, one must obey a moral code? If God obeys a moral code then, again, we have a set of rules that God must obey and that could exist without him. If we are going to postulate such rules, why not simplify matters by postulating the laws of the universe and leaving God out of it?

Aaron: I see that you have not comprehension of the nature of God. He is perfect and ruled by nothing but himself. I still believe that the laws of the universe prove God's existence. Perhaps if I chose an example closer to home you wouldn't have such trouble understanding it.