You: It is true that there are certain "laws" that things in our universe must obey, but that is as far as your argument can go before being riddled with errors. You seem to be saying that the universe is like a society governed by laws and that, like a society, those laws had to be written by someone. On the contrary, the existence of natural "laws" implies a lawgiver no more than the existence of vegetables implies a farmer.

Aaron: Humanity imposes order on the world around it so far as it is able. It is the same with God, the only difference being that more things are within the grasp of God. Laws of nature are a manifestation of God's will.

You: Not at all. The laws of nature are descriptive tools, created by humans to help them understand the world around them. People take advantage of natural laws in order to shape the world around them, they do not create any rules for it to follow. There really is no base upon that your analogy can be firmly built.

Aaron: Our opinions differ so much on this subject that we cannot make any progress unless I refine my argument a bit.