Aaron: I admit that these attempts on my part to prove that the Lord exists through logical and scientific means have been both interesting and instructive, but in the long run they are truly irrelevant. The only proof that I need, that anyone needs, for the truth of God's existence can be found within one's self.

When I pray, when I see the beauty of the earth, when I contemplate all that is good in the world, I can feel God's hand in it. There is nothing in the world to compare with the joy, the euphoria, of being touched by the Holy Spirit as I was when I was reborn in Christ. That feeling is the purest, most perfect evidence for God that can be conceived of. And if you will simply allow the Lord to enter your heart, then you will feel it, too.

How do you respond?

  1. Does feeling that something is true make it true? Go
  2. What if this feeling is just a creation of the mind and not a sense? Go
  3. How can we test this claim? Go
  4. I saw God during sex, once. Go
  5. Would you say that such a feeling could be brought about by fasting? Go