Aaron: If you will not be swayed by appeals to your intelligence, then let me appeal to your sense of self preservation.

If there is no God and you do not believe that there is one then you have truly gained nothing because you will never know with certainty that you were correct. If you believe in God but he does not exist, then you have lived a good life even though it is based on a false premise. If you believe in God and he does exist, then you will have won an eternity in Heaven — the greatest prize imaginable. But if you do not believe in God and he does exist, then you will be damned to an eternity of suffering. Given these four possibilities, it is obvious that the believer has a much better chance of coming to a good end than the unbeliever, and, truly, what have you lost by putting your faith in God?

How do you respond?

  1. I must remain skeptical to be true to myself. Go
  2. Would God accept me on those terms? Go
  3. I cannot gamble with truth. Go