You: Consider the human mind. Would you say that it shows signs of having been designed?

Aaron: Of course. The mind works in an orderly way and such organization can only come about through design. Human beings themselves are probably the best argument for design, for they could not possibly have come into existence without divine guidance.

You: As the creator of all things, God would also operate in an orderly way, wouldn't he?

Aaron: Obviously.

You: In that case, God, too, shows sign of design. You said yourself that a creature as organized as a human had to have been designed, and God would be much more organized than a mere human.

Aaron: There is quite a difference between God and a man. God has no physical body and therefore is not organized out of any physical substance.

You: I don't see how we can know what God is made out of when we haven't even proven that he exists in the first place, but that is really irrelevant. Regardless of the form God takes, he is still highly organized and therefore must have been designed by something.

Aaron: God is his own reason for existence. He was never created and for that reason could not have been created by anything.

You: Perhaps humans are their own reason for existence and God doesn't need to enter in to the picture at all.

Aaron: Don't be ridiculous. Humans can not be responsible for all things God has done..