Aaron: The first proof that I will share with you involves science.

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that there are many things in the world that science is unable to explain. Scientists cannot tell us how an atom decides when to emit radiation or how gravity works. They may call these phenomena "random" or develop mathematical models that describe their actions, but never come right out and say that they do not know.

It is only natural for us to wonder why science cannot explain these phenomena, but the explanation is simple. God has his hands in all things, from the smallest of molecule to the most powerful of forces, and science can neither quantify nor describe that wonderful power that is the Lord our God.

How do you respond?

  1. Ignorance does not imply supernatural intervention. Go
  2. By its nature, science must be able to admit ignorance. Go
  3. God is a force that cannot be explained. Go
  4. That is illogical. Go