You: Good and evil are nothing more than concepts invented by humans to help them indicate approval or disapproval. Some people even refer to the AIDS virus as being "evil," and you certainly would not say that this is because it is so different from God.

Aaron: Calling a virus evil is silly in the first place. For something to be evil, it must have intent and a virus has no intent. For example, one might call a murderer evil if he murders for the joy of it, but a woman who accidentally kills a child when she looses control of her car is not evil, merely unfortunate. In any case, when people use the term "evil" correctly, they are indicating that they disapprove of someone's intentions. That disapproval is based on an inborn sense of morality, given to all people by God, and felt deep within the soul. That is why certain things — murder, for example — are immoral in all cultures.

How do you respond?

  1. Not necessarily. Go
  2. That morality is traditional, not divine. Go