You: It seems to me that only an evil god could maintain the balance of our world. For example, when human populations get too high, disease and starvation is the result. This brings the population back down, but at what cost? The first people to suffer under such conditions are the young, the infants, who had no hand in depleting the soil or mismanaging resources. Why should they die? Wouldn't a good God find a better system for dealing with overpopulation than this?

Aaron: That is a very old argument. What you must understand is that God has the good of all his creatures in mind at all times. If an infant must die so that others may live, God insures that the child does not suffer for it. I am sure you will bring up examples of babies slowly starving to death or dying of painful diseases, but these are irrelevant. Got takes the souls of these babies directly to heaven where they can rest peacefully in his arms for the rest of eternity, and this easily makes up for any suffering or any perceived evil that their death has brought with it.

How do you respond?

  1. That does not explain why there must be suffering. Go
  2. God could control population in other ways. Go
  3. That is avoiding the point. Go