You: I don't care to go into detail about how children can die. Instead, I would like to ask why a benevolent God would allow it to become necessary for these children to die in the first place? Why not just decrease human reproductive rates?

Aaron: It would be just as immoral for God to prevent things from being born as it would for him to kill them. Decreasing reproductive rates would not change the moral problem; the only difference is that there are no souls created if the children are never conceived so there is no way to make a good that makes up for the bad. Allowing children to die is by far the more moral solution.

You: How can you argue that reducing reproductive rates is as evil as murder? There is no victim if a child is never conceived. In any case, an infinite god should be able to think of a way to solve the world's problems without killing the innocent.

Aaron: I cannot say what goes on in the mind of God, only that he has a good reason for all that he does. You will not agree with me, I am sure, because you do not yet accept the reality of God's existence. Let me change the tone of our conversation slightly, and describe both the nature of God's plan and the way in that sad events fit into it.