You: Before we continue, let me ask you this question: Can God perform miracles?

Aaron: Of course he can perform miracles; in fact, he often does in answer to the prayers of his children. God is infinite in power as well as in wisdom.

You: By definition, a miracle is something that goes against the laws of the universe. If miracles happen, then the laws of our universe are sometimes broken and it is not orderly. Since only an orderly universe can be proof for God's existence, then our universe cannot be proof of God's existence.

Aaron: On the contrary, miracles are further evidence that God exists. Only his power can break the universal laws that bind the rest of us.

You: What you are saying to me is that an orderly universe is proof of God's existence, but a universe with some disorder is even more proof of God's existence. That does not make for a very good proof in my book.

Aaron: As usual, you are missing the point. I know that God exists because I can see signs of him all around me, and I know that the miracles he performs are proof of his existence, but you seem unable to see these things for yourself.