You: Even if I were to agree that there are wonderful things in the world, I would have to qualify my statement. Part of the wonder of natural things is that they are indeed created by nature. A natural tunnel, carved by water, is more wonderful than a hole bored through a mountain by a team of workers. The pyramids are wonderful as works of ancient man, but would be wonderful to the point of impossibility if they existed for natural reasons. I honestly believe that a universe that is undesigned but still exists is more wonderful than one mechanically planned and executed by a God.

Aaron: I am not saying that the universe is as wonderful as it possibly could be, only that there are wonderful things in it, things that could not exist without God. The universe does not exist to meet your expectations of perfection.

How do you respond?

  1. The universe does not exist for any reason. Go
  2. A perfect God would necessarily create a perfect universe. Go