You: There could never be nothing, you are right about that. If there were nothing then there would be no way for a something to come after it and we would not be here having this conversation. Now it is true that your argument allows for the possibility that there was a time when there was nothing, but the odds of that happening may be so bad that it has just never come to pass.

Aaron: If you are correct and there is no God, then the universe is eternal and without a beginning. In this case, it would have existed for an infinite amount of time. Given an infinite amount of time, any possible event, no matter how improbable, would happen. Therefore, no matter how unlikely the nonexistence of everything might be, it would have happened and we would not be here now. Because we are here, there must never have been nothing.

You: I see what you mean. I guess the problem with your argument is that you assign a probability to the nonexistence of items.