Aaron: My friend, you sadden me. You are so blind, so unable to see the true glory of God even when it is placed on a platter before you. How can your life have meaning? How can there be any joy in an existence without the Lord?

You: I seem to do perfectly well, thank you.

Aaron: Oh, perhaps, but think of how much more your life could be! You can be free from the temptations of the common world, free from the uncertainty which binds you to this earthly realm! Please, will you promise me to think over my words, to let them settle in your heart? Do not forget about me when I am gone, for the Lord will never forget about you.

You smile politely.

You: I'll do my best.

Aaron: You will never regret it, my friend.

You close the door and return to your couch and your book. But before you can begin your reading, you are struck by a strange thought: You and Aaron are both alike in one way, he cannot understand how you can live life believing the way you do, and you cannot understand how he can believe in the unbelievable. Perhaps you have gained something from this conversation, if only insight into another person's mind.

The End