You: That independent "something" need not be God. Maybe the universe itself is independent?

Aaron: As I stated in my argument, the universe is made of dependent things and therefore cannot be independent itself.

You: What is God made of?

Aaron: That is a meaningless questions. God has no physical makeup that we could possibly hope to understand.

You: Since you are allowing for one thing that is independent, namely God, without showing that it is made of independent things, why not simplify your theory further and postulate that the universe has a mysterious quality of independence all its own? That would eliminate our need for God.

Aaron: Only a completely self-centered person would make such a statement! How could you say that anything in the universe is as eternal as the Lord? Since you are allowing your own sarcasm and conceits to interfere with your reasoning, why not simplify everything further and say that you yourself are the independent thing in the universe?

How do you respond?

  1. I could do that. Go
  2. Because it simplifies nothing. Go