You: If I were to claim that Albert Edison was an intelligent man, I would not be saying that he was correct in everything he did. In the same way, your claiming that these philosophers were intelligent men does nothing to prove to me that their particular proofs of God's existence are correct.

Aaron: You are, of course, correct, but these men were great philosophers and the question of God's existence is one that exists quite properly in the realm of philosophy. I can say not only that they were intelligent, but that they were arguing about something that was in their field of expertise. With that in mind I ask you, can either of us argue that they were wrong when we could not possibly be as intelligent and knowledgeable as they?

How do you respond?

  1. We do not know how intelligent and knowledgeable they were. Go
  2. It does not matter how intelligent and knowledgeable they were. Go
  3. We could be more intelligent or knowledgeable than them. Go