You: If God is maintaining the balance of the universe, then he certainly could be doing a better job. The balance of nature is upset every day by the destruction of the rain forests, depletion of the ozone and pollution of the land, air and water. Medical and technological advances have extended the human life span to the point where we are in serious danger of overpopulating the planet. Some animals, such as the condor, are faring so poorly that humans have to keep their race alive, and many species disappear altogether every year. I have trouble seeing a miraculous balance in any of this.

Aaron: Pollution, destruction, interference in nature, all of these are the work of man, not of God.

You: Are you saying that God has no control over the works of man? If so, then how can you say that he is keeping things in balance? If keeping human population down is part of keeping the balance, and it must be, then are you saying that the practice of medicine is evil because it directly thwarts the will of God by increasing life span and reducing infant mortality rates, and that war is good because it kills thousands quickly? If so, then wouldn't it be better not give a dying person CPR or otherwise try to save her life because doing so might be against the will of God?

Aaron: Your argument has become incredibly convoluted and strays from my main point. You seem to think that we can guess the will of God and try to take his place on Earth, but that is impossible. We lack both the wisdom and the ability to act for God.

I do not have time to wade through your argument, muddied as it is by grey areas and terms in need of definition, but I would like to comment on your discussion of good and evil.