You: That is an interesting argument, but it is built on a rotten foundation. I must disagree with you when you say that the world is a wonderful place. The horror of war, starvation, meaningless deaths, illness and endless pain are not wonderful but they are all around us. Natural disasters, parasites, fires and other horrible facets of the unfeeling and uncaring world around us prevent me from standing up and saying "My, what a perfectly wonderful place this world is."

Aaron: Your point is well taken, but there cannot be good without some bad. It is part of the wonder of the world that such beauty can exist in the face of ugliness.

In another context, those horrible things you took such joy in listing are all part of God's plan for the universe. They are facets of the whole and therefore have a beauty all their own.

How do you respond?

  1. Then he could have thought of a better one. Go
  2. Are you saying that non-wonderful things are evidence of his plan also? Go